Toccata of Tonispada

(Luxembourg & German VDH /DRC Champion Cobrizo Terremoto x Gaylock April in Paris)


  • owner: John Fordham
  • breeder: John Fordham
  • born: 21.06.1995
  • deceased: 07.11.2010
  • hips: C
  • colour: black

Toccata of Tonispada's pedigree

From my first litter of curlies, she lived to be the oldest dog I have ever owned or bred. Loving and assuming, she gave joy and delight in equal measure. Towards the end, her health began to deteriorate and when her back legs were no longer able to support her, we had to bid her farewell. She lives on in our hearts and in her descendants. She is very much missed.

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Luxembourg & German VDH
& DRC Champion
Cobrizo Terremoto