In memoriam
Luxembourg & German VDH /DRC Champion

Cobrizo Terremoto

(British Ch. Roydina Camero x Emanon Jem's Delight at Cobrizo)


- Sabre (left) with Rufus (right) -
  • breeder: Mrs Lynn HULL (U.K. & France)
  • born: 12.02.1985
  • deceased: 09.12.1998
  • hips: B
  • colour: black

Cobrizo Terremoto's pedigree

Sabre was my first curly-coated retriever and it was he who really made me an unconditional fan of the breed. He was a real gentleman on all occasions (just like his father, Sam, British Ch. ROYDINA CAMERO). He never really liked being shown but put up with it for my sake. He became a father late in life as the result of unintended but nonetheless romantic congress in a cornfield in Bedfordshire with Zelda (qv), thus starting me on the path of dog breeding. "Should I live a thousandfold the span of men, 'twere impossible I'd meet his like again …"

Luxembourg, Dutch & German VDH Champion

Khanastra Bijou d'Inde

( Cobrizo Valenciano x Khanastra Celebration Day)


  • breeder: Ms Nina PARKER (U.K.)
  • born: 24.02.1998
  • deceased: 17.07.2004
  • hips: A
  • colour: black

Khanastra Bijou d'Inde's pedigree

Truffle gave so much. She was accidentally mated when very young and had a small litter of three puppies. At the age of four, she had a second litter of seven puppies. Always affectionate and biddable, she died tragically as a result of complications following routine surgery. She was my first dog of any breed to gain three international championship titles. By rights, she would still be here and is much missed.

Toccata of Tonispada

(Luxembourg & German VDH /DRC Champion Cobrizo Terremoto x Gaylock April in Paris)


  • owner: John Fordham
  • breeder: John Fordham
  • born: 21.06.1995
  • deceased: 07.11.2010
  • hips: C
  • colour: black

Toccata of Tonispada's pedigree

From my first litter of curlies, she lived to be the oldest dog I have ever owned or bred. Loving and assuming, she gave joy and delight in equal measure. Towards the end, her health began to deteriorate and when her back legs were no longer able to support her, we had to bid her farewell. She lives on in our hearts and in her descendants. She is very much missed.

Turi of Tonispada

(Luxembourg & German VDH /DRC Champion Cobrizo Terremoto x Gaylock April in Paris)


- photo by courtesy of Henry Ausloos -
  • born: 21.06.1995
  • deceased: 05.04.2007
  • hips: D
  • colour: black

Turi of Tonispada's pedigree

Rarely shown, Yorick nevertheless passed on his excellent bone and character to most of his offspring. Affectionate and with a great sense of humour, his unexpected death following surgery makes him greatly missed.

Dutch & Luxembourg Champion

Yossarian of Tonispada

( Turi of Tonispada x Luxembourg, Dutch & German VDH Champion Khanastra Bijou d'Inde)


  • born: 19.04.1999
  • deceased: 19.04.2009
  • hips: A
  • colour: black

Yossarian of Tonispada's pedigree

Maxim spent almost 10 years with me. I did not originally plan to keep him, but his loving nature and beauty meant that within a short while, I changed my mind. He was one of the most wonderful dogs, it has been my privilege to share my life with. I will never forget my wonderful boy.

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Cobrizo Terremoto