In memoriam
  • born: 29.10.2002
  • deceased: 01.07.2010
  • hips: A
  • colour: blue brushcoat

Bluegrass of Tonispada's pedigree

Astrid died unexpectedly of bloat (gastric torsion) last year, 2010. The suddenness of her passing and and her relative youth when she went are still a source of grief. She was one of the most sociable, affectionate and intelligent dogs I have ever had. Why do these things happen?

- photo by courtesy of Marianne van Assche -
  • breeder: M. & Mme P. Kolb (France)
  • born: 29.10.1995
  • deceased: 09.04.2003
  • hips: A
  • colour: blue horsecoat

Léopold du Jardin bleu du Mandarin de Pékin's pedigree

Bred in France, Tristan was my first shar-pei. A loving companion, he was only lightly shown as he was not very partial to dog-shows. Tragically, he died far too young in an accident. At least he lives on in his descendants.

- photo by courtesy of Henry Ausloos -
  • breeder: Mme V. Albessard (Belgium)
  • born: 22.06.1999
  • deceased: 20.03.2006
  • hips: A
  • colour: blue horsecoat

Yseult De La Dynastie Han's pedigree

Bred in Belgium, Fuchsia was a singleton. Wary with strangers, she was nonetheless a wonderful and loving companion. Like her father, she was killed in tragic circumstances, after which I made sure that the garden was escape-proof. She lives on in her descendants and is much missed.

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Leopold du Jardin bleu
du Mandarin de Pekin